Welcome to our latest Postcard From the Lakes

Read it here: A Postcard from the Lakes - 30th September 2022

Header image: 'Langdale' by Suzy Braye

Welcome to our latest Postcard From the Lakes. This week's theme is land. The Government's new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) has been in news this week, with rumours that Defra was going to backtrack on its commitments to the environment. We sincerely hope not.

We've been thinking about our land, and how to measure and monitor it better, so that we can quantify the benefits of our work for the environment, and show others what can be done for wildlife, habitats, carbon sequestration and flood prevention and so on, as well as helping us decide what needs doing in future. 

We've been out with tree consultants looking at our woods, and with volunteers using some data tools to start monitoring. But to fully realise this vision, we need your help. We've launched our Land Management appeal this week, to help transform our land, quantify the Natural Capital of our work, so that we can hopefully affect policy at a national and local level.
But just what is 'Natural Capital'? Policy Officer Jan Darrall explains in this week's video blog.

Elsewhere in this Postcard, there's a Sustainable Transport in the Lake District event you can attend online next week, and you can sign up to volunteer at our next Fell Care Day in the Westmorland Dales in October.
Our 'What Future for the Uplands?' event at Rheged, looks at farming, diversification, and rewilding and should prove a lively debate.
Dark Skies fans can view Jupiter on Monday night as it will be the closest to us for 59 years, if you've got binoculars or a telescope you might see 4 of its moons, or even the red spot. It will be extremely bright to the naked eye.

And we're very proud that our Photo Competition winning images feature in the pages of Cumbria Life magazine this month, and you can also see the stunning pictures on our Christmas cards and calendars, available now.

With our very best wishes, 

Friends of the Lake District

Read it here: A Postcard from the Lakes - 30th September 2022

Header image: 'Langdale' by Suzy Braye

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