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The Helm is situated near Oxenholme, just south east of Kendal and although not a very high hill at 185m, it gives beautiful views. Since 2007, we have installed gates improving access on the Helm for all to enjoy. We have also introduced a rare breed of Fell Pony, native to Cumbria. The ponies help with conservation through their grazing as well as creating open ground in their hoof marks so that flower seeds can germinate. Our volunteers are maintaining the dry stone walls that are a part of its character as well as being important to keep the Fell Ponies and cows in. We have planted over 1,500 trees, including oak, rowan, birch, wild cherry and hawthorn to create a new wood for people and wildlife to visit all year round.

Reasons to visit:

  • 360 degree views from the Iron Age hillfort
  • Bluebells in spring 
  • Beautiful native Fell Ponies
  • Enjoy the changing autumn colours of the woodland
  • Best time to visit: April/May


Property Leaflet

The Helm leaflet (pdf)

This property  benefits from a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme, funded by the ‘European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development’ which enables us to do habitat and landscape enhancement.