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Author: Sophie Hodge


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Author: Dawn Groundsell

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Nuclear waste disposal, Old Hutton gas power station, LDNPA Local Plan Review, DEFRA Health and Harmony Consultation, 4x4s on Green Lanes, NPPF Response, St Cuthbert's garden 'village'

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  • Friends of the Lake District Kirby Lecture - with Phoebe Smith

    We are excited to announce that adventurer and author Phoebe Smith will be presenting our annual Kirby Lecture. Read more

Great Landscapes Week Blogs

  • Nature's Signs

    Tristan Gooley writes today's Blog on Nature's hidden signs... "...the extraordinary thing is when we practice noticing certain signs our brain takes over the process and can give us an almost instant sense of what is about to happen..." Read more

  • Our Landscape and its Cultural History

    John Atkinson talks about the Lake District where he has lived and worked all of his life; where his family have lived for at least six hundred years. A discussion about the people who formed this landscape and its cultural history. Read more

  • Dawn Chorus

    ...the sound of the dawn chorus started filling the air; Skylark, Meadow Pipit, Wheatear, Raven, Red Grouse all contributing to the glee club... Read today's Great Landscapes Week Blog by Darren Parkinson, Wildlife Crime Office, West Yorkshire Police Read more

  • Come and Join Us!

    I’m not just talking about joining Friends of the Lake District, although we would be delighted to welcome you and your support! Written by Douglas Chalmers, Chief Executive, Friends of the Lake District Read more

  • Landscapes of the heart and mind

    Written by Jean Savage, volunteer with Friends of the Lake District, an exploration of how landscape, borne of our own hearts and minds, defies definition. Read more