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In my video blog you'll hear me saying that 'I was having too much fun' to record it during a morning's tree planting on our land at High Borrowdale earlier this week.

That was a genuine statement, prompted by seeing our staff together again, working hard as a team to finish planting 420 metres of new hedgerow on the site. It was “who we are and what we do”.
The morning provided a brief hiatus from our planning activities, policy work, public events and project activities. This includes extra effort underway to regain ground lost during the upheaval of home working and the working restrictions placed on our activities during the Covid Pandemic.
We also held our first ‘Member Meet’ of 2022 in Cockermouth this week where we had the opportunity to meet local members to discuss topics and issues including our Dark Skies project, planning, transport, coal mines and geological disposal facilities.

The support we receive at these events always acts a vote of confidence in our representation of members and supporters in championing the landscape of Cumbria and the Lake District and the incentive to meet the challenges that 2022 brings our way. Another example of “who we are and what we do”.
With very best wishes,

Douglas Chalmers, Chief Executive

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Header image: 'Keswick' by Alan Borland

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