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Welcome to our latest update. We've chosen a very suitable image for our postcard in a torrential week here in Cumbria. We will all be hoping for a break in the clouds and some rays of sunshine as we head into the weekend.

I'm happy to see that the weather and the break in activities in 2020 hasn't dampened the spirits of our volunteers as places on our Haweswater Fell Care Day book up quickly this week.

We issued a statement today expressing our disappointment with the recommendations of the Lake District National Park Authority’s planning officers to approve plans for a car park at Ullock Moss. Many leading environmental organisations share our concerns and have supported our comments - we've shared a link in this postcard.

I do hope you are all staying safe and well. We are certainly facing some challenging conditions in Cumbria this week as November knocks loudly on the door.

With very best wishes,

Douglas Chalmers, Chief Executive

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Header image: by Peter Swan. 

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