In this edition:

We're well into August so the arrival of 'Bonus', a fit and feisty Herdwick lamb has been a wonderful surprise for us all here on the farm. There's a sneak preview of 'Bonus' below who - quite rightly - steals the show in my video update this week.

We're also delighted to be welcoming Sam, Liberty, James Taylor and James Renwick-Smith, the next cohort of apprentices joining us to begin a countryside management training course, one of many projects being delivered by the Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership Scheme.

We'll be investigating the archaeological history of Little Asby during September with a number of keyhole excavations; we're still looking for budding archaeologists to volunteer. We continue or Dark Skies research and as always, we must pause to thank our wonderful volunteers attending our work parties are doing such vital work in helping with the upkeep of our land. We've included some time lapse footage of drystone walling excellence in action.

I do hope you enjoy this edition and as always, do please get in touch with us if you have anything you'd like us to share in our fortnightly postcards.

Read it here: A Postcard from the Lakes - 20th August 2021

Header image: 'Waterfall lip. Warnscale beck, looking over Buttermere valley' by Rosamund and John Macfarlane. One of the images that will feature in an upcoming @Lake District Reflections' exhibition. 

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