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A small one-and-a-half hectare woodland opposite the University of Cumbria's campus library on Nook Lane in Ambleside. We now have ownership of this wood which contains some large veteran beech and Scots pine trees dating back to the nineteenth century. With help from the previous owner, Julian Eldridge, a local tree consultant and Friends member Luke Steer, has done a tree survey and management plan. This will identify how we will look after the veteran trees, which make great habitats for many woodland fungi, insects, birds and red squirrels, and enhance the woodland setting of Ambleside itself.

Virtual Tour

Pay a virtual visit to Greenbank Wood with an aerial 360 degree panorama which you can move around the woodland, find out about its history, our work in the woodland and our achievement since being gifted the woodland in 2012.


Litchen guide

Our woods are home to various litchens. Download a printable guide to what you might find here.