My name is Liane Belas, I live in Ingelheim in Germany and since I’m retired I write short stories and stories for children. My occupation was a hotel and event manager. In the year 1980 I worked in Keswick, in the former Keswick Hotel which is now the Keswick Country House Hotel.

In this time I fell in love with the Lake District. It was in 2012 when I came back with my sister and she also was enthusiastic over this lovely place. More visits followed and every time, when I was back home I made a poem, inspired by the landscape. In your newsletter I found the poetry corner and thought to myself: why shouldn't I send my poem "Spring in Lakeland“ to you?

I hope you enjoy my little poem. I wish you the very best.

Stay healthy, Liane Belas

Spring in Lakeland                             

The late sunlight shines over the lake

with his wooden pier, where I still rest.

Rhododendron glows purple in golden light,

free of the daily routine, my thoughts can be quiet.


Rays of light fall tenderly through the trees,

in the calm lake their reflections are upside down.

Tender ripples swing a lonely boat on the lakeside,

I glance into a work of art, made of nature and light.


The Cuckoo calls from his hiding place,

three small lambs sleep in the green meadow.

Two chirping birds circuit coquettishly each other,

and a little rabbit hobbles happily to his mother.


By this view, my spirit and my heart are overwhelmed,

my senses and feelings become ensnared.    

Joy by this glorious plenty brings tears to my eyes,

I‘m deeply moved and my soul smiles to the Lakeland skies.