We were delighted to receive this poem, composed and sent by Andrew Moss, finding inspiration and Friends of the Lake District in a recent visit to Cumbria: "I came across Friends of the Lake District while researching local information for a weeks holiday in November 2021. We were very lucky with the weather and had such a wonderful time I was inspired to write a poem." 

Mother of the Lakes

Steel grey clouds with eyes of blue,

casting rays of golden hue,

blanketing a secret land,

made real from a fantasy


Metamorphic rocks abound,

compressed once volcanic ground,

time tempered what once was fury

sparse lit unexpected glory


Stairs broken shout defiance,

offering strange conveyance,

to distant land of giants,

sleeping silently above


Now She comes...


Crystalline and virtuous,

dominant yet rapturous,

sweeps aside all things before,

hail the queen of this old land

Running roiling splashing rush,

now a torrent now a hush,

never resting never spent,

every surface shows her hand


So abundant and generous,

she feeds the thirsty ground for us,

till all is richly verdurous

and all of nature’s life abounds


Her daughters fair form lakes that fill,

deep gullies twixt the mountains still,

with pools that overlap and spill,

withheld against their lowland shores


Elemental rock and water,

praised by every son and daughter,

sparkling air so life affirming,

completes this fertile land for all.