Land Manager's Diary: Read it here>

At our grand opening day for Dam Mire Wood in April, we asked all the school children and adults on site to write a word on a paper leaf. That could be how the land made them feel, how they felt at that time, or what they liked about the land. We hung the leaves up on the trees for the day and then afterwards collected them up to analyse; you can see the results here>

We were delighted to receive this wonderful poem sent to us by member Johanna Alberti from Keswick. Using the words written on the leaves, Johanna has created 'The Gift of Dam Mire', reminding us about our wonderful day at Threlkeld and just what the wood means to people. 

The Gift of Dam Mire

On a late April morning under

a flawless sky we tread a new bridge

over the restless beck into

a tussocky field where saplings net

the light; marvel at magnificent

Saddleback, your favourite ridge, stunning

In sunshine, instilling us with awe.


We are explorers in summer heat

some find exhausting, sweltering.

Children lead us, exhilarated

to be out, happy in the spring air

among the young trees they have planted.

Their joyful voices calling to us:

“I love it”; “it’s terrific”; “exciting”;

“oh, so pretty”; “such amazing fun.”

more cautiously: “nice”; “interesting”.


Filled with gratitude we all seek words

to express  the beauty, the magic

of this moment  of tranquillity

and peace, to catch the eloquent

goodness of this gift of future hope.