A very apposite poem received this week in the midst of the deluge we are facing in Cumbria; composed and sent to us by member, Robert Challans who found his inspiration in challenging conditions: "We visit the Lakes often with our friends who have a house near Keswick. I thought you would like to share this poem with your readers. I composed this recently following a particular rainy day for our good friend Pat".

Rain - Patricia’s Lakeland Lament

Dark clouds gathering far away
I’ve seen the signs before.
Going for a walk today
Along the Derwent shore
Just a shower I heard him say
Won’t last long I’m sure
Bring your wet gear anyway.
It’s not going to pour
Climbing the crags in record time
At the top without assistance
What a view,so sublime
Was that a rumble in the distance.
The heavens opened with a mighty crack
The wind blew through my hair
Sheets of water down my back
This is more than I can bear.
You said there was no rain today
I took you at your word.
A passing shower I heard him say
That’s really quite absurd
Let’s get off this mountain
The rain is falling faster
The path is like a fountain
Turning into a disaster
Back at base cold and damp
What a wonderful cup of tea
My left leg has got the cramp
I could be a divorcee
I can’t believe I keep doing this
Going through all this sorrow
He said it was part of wedded bliss
And we do it all again tomorrow.