Grasmere, Cumbria

Serene, beautiful, calm, majestic 

Inspirational, classical, peaceful, poetic 

All these feelings as I walked your path side, 

A mere not a lake, your calm water’s wide

Deerbolts Wood I roam, evening creeps up on me 

Darkness comes quickly, I cared not, I was free,

of city life, suburban jungle, not really me. 

Warm caress of summer evening, sky melted to a glow, 

Of fiery red between high mountains, natures beauty show 

I wander now towards the village, warm hotel to be my host, 

Then I saw a light before me, my mind perplexed, was this a ghost? 

A light of white and strange in darkness, moving yet there was no breeze, 

Floating above, across the mere, meandering back into the trees, 

Was this the soul of classical poet whose heart belonged to this fine place? 

Still dwells amongst this place of magic, where early Springtime daffodils grace?

I felt no fear as light approached me, I was a stranger in fairy land. 

I had to know, I had to ask, who are you? my need to understand, 

Then a whispering voice around me, from the water and the land 

“I am no ghost of classical poet, he was my friend, he knew me well, 

I am an Angel, to care for nature, the woods, the animals, ‘tis here I dwell”.

“This is a place of Angels, love, and healing through eternity, 

This evening, now, a special moment, all of life in harmony, 

Remember this for all your years, know how precious life can be, 

Please try to work to save our Lakeland, for poets of old, for you and me.”  


Robert Mason