By Will Bond, July 2020

As a boy I once knew that my heart would stay true,

And I'd sail a straight line for the heavens.

The distant shore's lights shining bright in the night;

I knew one day they'd be my possessions.

But Lake Windermere's wide and a storm brewed inside

Her belly ere my maiden voyage.

My kayak was prepped and then up my oars swept,

I would show them what God made this boy of.

But my mother's voice grew and the seeds of doubt, too,

In my mind, as the storm clouds were blooming.

The wind from the south brought the rain to my brow,

As the first clap of thunder came booming.

With no light ahead, knowing I'd end up dead,

I turned back, my mission abandoned.

Never lived down that day, and the people still say,

"Boy, that was no hurricane west wind."