Illustrator: Evelyn Sinclair

Publisher: Jake Island Ltd, £5.49 paperback

I think this book will be good for people who have a big imagination and like to create their own world. I also like the place where you are supposed to put the stickers. The actual sticker selection is great – there are lots of stickers and I especially like the way it gives you a clue where they go and it tells you what animal or fish it is so you learn things as well.

I also love the colouring it's unique, awesome and different and the spot the difference is wonderful and good for warming up the mind. Oh and I think it will be good if it's raining and you're bored. I also think that the illustrations of different Lake District places are cool and perfect.   

Reviewed by Jack Bickerstaff (Age 9) and featuring Seth Bickerstaff (Age 6)