Author: Guy Richardson 

The word ‘how’ comes from the Old Norse word ‘haugr’ for a hill, mound. ‘Knott’, again from the Old Norse, is the old word ‘knottr’ which meant a lump or a hard knot. Hows are smooth and round and knots are craggy and knot-like. 

The terms lend themselves to hundreds of locations across the Lake District and in this book, Guy selects 22 of these; locations that offer some of the best views in the National Park. We will all have seen our share of spectacular scenery and images from this beautiful corner of the UK but to place the lens of history, geology and culture upon these scenes gives a fresh perspective and a sense that you are viewing some of these familiar scenes for the very first time.

It is clear from Guy’s interpretation that this is more than a methodical interpretation of views and their history. You are in the hands of a well-travelled guide, somebody who knows the ‘wrinkles’ –quite literally – and has a passion for the area and its wellbeing. 

It looks back at how these locations have changed and adapted in the past but crucially, forward to the challenges ahead and the responsibility we all share in protecting the Lake District for future generations.  

Reviewed by: Christopher James

Publisher: Redshank Books 

Paperback – RRP £20.00