Beaumont Parish Hall Management Committee have been considering a solution to the old tennis courts that are situated in the hall grounds which, since they stopped being used, have deteriorated to a poor state and become an eyesore. They wanted to provide a space that the community and visitors will be able to enjoy and their solution was the creation of a meadow and woodland on the site.

Pictured: Tennis court area before work started

Community volunteers helped to plant 1100 individual plug plants on the site and scatter a large quantity of seed, creating a new meadow area and what will eventually become a woodland area.

Jan Darrall, Policy Officer said,

“We were delighted to be able to help with this project via our Landscape Grant Fund. It’s wonderful to see the transformation of this derelict space into a wild flower and woodland habitat.

“It’s also heartening to see the involvement and generosity of so many local volunteers and farmers giving up their time and lending their support.”

Pictured: Removal of the pavilion foundations

Malcom Cotter, Beaumont Parish Hall Committee,

“Our thanks goes to Friends of the Lake District and Cumbria County Council for their generous funding to help complete this stage of work. Special thanks also goes to our farming community for the use of their machinery and time to prepare the site, and our community volunteers who scattered a large quantity of seed and planted about 1100 individual plug plants and bulbs.”

Pictured: Volunteers scatter seeds and plant native plants local to the area

Our Landscape Grant Fund has been running for many years and funds small scale projects and works that will conserve and enhance the landscape (and within that flora and fauna, cultural heritage), connect people with it and aid their enjoyment of it.

Grant support is open to charitable organisations, voluntary and community groups, schools, social enterprises and local councils or conservation agencies and there are no application deadlines as the grant is open all year round.

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