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What a difference a week makes. Dan from DB Contracts and Nick worked long hours last week to try and beat the rain forecast.

Instead of a muddy highway, the new path now looks like a graded path fitting more naturally into the contours of the banking.

Once some vegetation and grass has begun to establish, it should blend in well, following the line of the dry stone wall below.

Where the path meets the main part of Dam Mire Wood, Dan has removed a boundary fence so once you get to the top of the path, a beautiful vista of the land and Blencathra behind opens up. It is hard to envisage a better entrance to a piece of land, the wow factor is about as high as it could get!

The last week has focused on getting the edging in for the path, and sealing the surface by rolling it.

On wed this week Dan, helped by Andy, began the next stage of the work. They broke through the boundary wall to the car park at Dickney and have started preparing the path from the boundary wall to the beck.

After this initial section of path, the beck will be crossed by a new wooden bridge. The job for next week is to build the bridge on site and move it onto the abutments that will be specially built clear of the beck.