Our Vision: Conserving Cumbria’s Dark Skies for the health and well-being of people and wildlife, to help tackle the climate emergency, support a sustainable economic recovery and provide opportunities to enjoy an unspoilt night sky.

Friends of the Lake District and the Dark Skies Cumbria Supporters are seeking a net reduction light pollution across Cumbria. We will work collaboratively in partnership to tackle existing sources of light pollution and help minimise the impact of any new lighting. Aims:

  • To prevent light pollution from new development and infrastructure – securing effective policies and influencing the location & design of new development.
  • To reduce existing light pollution impacts in target communities and locations installing good practice demonstration projects.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of Dark Skies across Cumbria and inspire individuals, communities, businesses and organisations to reduce their own lighting footprint.

For further details: www.darkskiescumbria.org.uk

Pictured below: Satellite image data comparison shows how the County Council’s road lighting replacement from sodium to downward LEDs has significantly reduced sky glow light pollution. In many locations, however, poorly installed intense lighting in industrial and commercial estate premises on the edge of towns has increased light pollution.

Pictured below: Dark sky compliant and wildlife friendly new road lighting installed in Glenridding, a partnership between Cumbria County Council, Thorn Lighting UK and FLD’s Dark Skies Cumbria Project with the local community.