Cumbria contains a third of the common land in England and it is hugely important for access, water, biodiversity and wildlife. We campaign for the importance of common land and village greens to be recognised, and increase the understanding of how complex the issues and laws related to these areas are. This includes lobbying on national legislation. We work to ensure our commons remain open and unenclosed, and support the efforts of commoners with their flocks and traditions of communal grazing and gathering. We give free advice on common land and village greens issues to our members. We are also working with communities to register new common land in the next three years.

Impacts of this work:

  • Friends of the Lake District and its members have registered around a third of Cumbria’s common land, meaning it is protected for us all to enjoy in the future
  • We have prevented hundreds of miles of fell fencing to ensure the fells can remain open and uncluttered.
  • We remain a source of information for landowners and communities on common land and village green issues
  • Award winning Our Green Space project which championed open spaces and village greens 

Friends of the Lake District is tireless in its defence of common land. The Open Spaces Society depends heavily on the help and advice of the Friends who have detailed knowledge of the Cumbrian commons and we are pleased to work with such a professional body.

Kate Ashbrook General Secretary The Open Spaces Society