Friends of the Lake District believe it is vitally important for everyone to be able to get outdoors and enjoy the amazing landscapes of the Lake District and Cumbria. We want people to be able to walk, sail, run, climb, swim, ride and cycle for example and we want the landscape to be well looked after. Being able to get into the countryside is good for our health and wellbeing and part of this is being able to find peace and tranquillity.


  • We have supported repairing erosion to paths in the fells for many years, contributing around £300,000 towards this work. We continue this through being a partner on Fix the Fells.
  • We supported the Lake District National Park Authority with the creation of a 10 nautical miles per hour speed limit on Windermere. More people are able to use the lake for swimming, sailing and canoeing and new events such as the Great North Swim now take place.

Friends of the Lake District are vital to the work of Fix the Fells. The donations via their environmental grant have helped with work on projects such as Yewbarrow, which in turn has helped with the water quality in Wastwater and just as importantly, Friends of the Lake District help us raise awareness of the work we do and how everyone can help by walking with thought and consideration for the landscape. They are one of our key partners for Fix the Fells and their support is highly valued.

Tanya Oliver, Fix the Fells programme manager