This autumn the Woodland Trust is promoting the idea of documenting ‘a year in the life of a tree’. 

It's asking members of the public to choose a tree that they pass regularly and to record the dates of all the seasonal changes that happen to that tree over the course of a year (or even better, several years!).

Is there a tree near your workplace or your home that you could record as an example to inspire people?

Choose your tree

Can you follow a year in the life of a tree for Nature’s Calendar too? It doesn’t have to be an oak tree. You can choose from lots of trees and shrubs, and you can start following the tree at any time of the year too. Simply choose a mature tree (not a sapling) and visit it regularly (ideally once a week). When you notice a seasonal event happen to your tree, don't forget to record the date on the Nature's Calendar website!

We're delighted that the Woodland Trust is also going to be delivering our Westmorland Dales Landscape Scheme project 'Reconnecting Woods, Trees and People'. It will be working to create new woodland and hedgerows, plant individual trees and restore existing treed habitats to increase the habitat connectivity and create a resilient landscape in the Westmorland Dales. You can read more about the project at this link