We were extremely disappointed to read last week that the UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world according to the 2023 State of Nature Report.

Produced by a collaboration of over 60 partners, including conservation NGOs, research institutes, and governmental nature conservation bodies, the report uses up to date data to provide a benchmark for the state of nature in the UK.

Human activity and the effects of climate change are having the biggest impact on nature loss, habitat loss and degradation.

Headlines from the report show that there has been a 32% decline in abundance of wildlife in England since 1970, with 68% of plants assessed seeing a decrease in distribution and 13% of species assessed classified as threatened with extinction.  Within protected areas, just 44% of the measured attributes of Areas or Sites of Special Scientific Interest are in favourable condition.

There is some evidence that species of conservation concern have more positive trends inside protected areas than outside them. This shows the importance of protected landscapes in Cumbria and the need to effectively manage them for nature.

The report does give ideas for responding to the nature crisis, through nature-friendly farming, protecting more of our landscapes and maximising the use of nature-based solutions to achieve net zero.  

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