The Great Cumbrian Litter Pick

The Great Cumbrian Litter Pick: Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March 2024

The Great Cumbrian Litter Pick is an annual event that brings people together to take community action for a cleaner Cumbria.  We know there are lots of lovely people, both individuals and groups, who are regularly litter picking across Cumbria.  We've created an online map (below) to highlight the people in action and to signpost willing litter pickers to groups in their area. 

  • SIGN UP to a Litter Pick Group near you: Use the map below to find a litter pick group participating in this year's event. Click on a 'bin' icon for contact details and please do get in touch with the group organiser directly if you'd like to join them. (A few of the litter pick groups on the map will be marked as 'private groups' which cannot be signed up for). 
  • ADD YOUR OWN Litter Pick: To add your own group (or individual) litter pick to our litter pick map for 2024, complete our online sign up form. We'll need the name of your group, its location, your contact details, and whether your event is public or private (if you're happy for others to join you, choose Public). We'll publish an interactive map on this page with your groups details as soon as we start to receive information from groups wishing to take part in 2024.

  • If you have any questions in the meantime then do let us know. Email [email protected]

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