The Old Courthouse, Shap - 1st - 14th August 2018
artwork, photography, displays, workshops, talks about this rare breed, the Fell pony

We're pleased that we are able to support 'Heritage of the Fells - Ponies past, present and for the future' with the award of a 'Discover Cumbria' grant. A series of workshops, talks and an exhibition hosted at Shap to raise the awareness of an aspect of the landscape many do not know about; exploring the hardiness of the Fell Pony, its rarity and how it is adapted to living out on the fells. It considered what part the Fell Pony has to play in grazing the fells in the future and highlighted the fact that the Fell Pony is now an endangered breed.

Our ‘Discover Cumbria’ grant scheme is focussed on getting people inspired about our landscapes and trying out activities that help to connect them with it. We’re delighted that our grants continue to support a diverse range of projects across Cumbria and that the innovation of project organisers is helping to engage new audiences with the landscape.

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