Information and guidance on applications for our 'Discover Cumbria' grant scheme.

'Discover Cumbria Grants 2018'


Who can apply?

Constituted community groups, charities, not for profit organisations and schools.

Individuals and businesses are not eligible.

When can we apply?

Anytime. We operate on a rolling basis

How many times can we apply?

We will consider only one application per organisation, but an application can cover more than one event.

How much grant will be given?

We have a limited pot of money, so grants will be limited to upto £500.

We will only fund upto 75% of any event. We expect the other 25% to be made up of funding from other sources, or of in kind contributions, e.g. use of volunteers.

What type of events/activities will be funded?

The event or activity must provide an innovative opportunity for people and communities to get outside, discover and enjoy something new about the natural environment. By innovative, we mean something new or novel in terms of its content, approach, location, audience, etc.  We will only fund events which are happening for the first time, or have a funding gap and will not go ahead without our funding. We will not fund events which will run anyway.

As FLD is the main funder, your event must meet the aims of Friends of the Lake District to protect and enhance the landscape of Cumbria.

We are particularly interested in events focusing on :-

  • Landscape
  • Flora and fauna,
  • Land management
  • Celebrating local events and cultural heritage

Events/activities will be encouraged which increase understanding about the countryside/natural environment; encourage access to the countryside for everyone; give an opportunity for people to visit a place they would not normally go, and may contribute to health and wellbeing.

Events must be free to attend for them to be eligible for this grant.

Events/activities can be for local people or visitors, and we are particularly interested in those aimed at young people, older people, less abled people or others who may not normally go out in the countryside.

When does the event (s)/activity have to run?

Anytime in 2018

Where does the event (s)/activity have to take place?

Anywhere in Cumbria and the audience can be Cumbrians and/or visitors.

What will the grant cover?

Transport, materials, publicity, venues, etc. Staff time is not eligible.

How will applications be assessed?

We will assess applications against a number of criteria which include :-

  • Increasing understanding about the landscape and countryside – e.g. its character, wildlife, flora and fauna, how it is managed.
  • Value for money.
  • Giving access to some areas people may not normally go.
  • Contributing to health and wellbeing, e.g. by being in the fresh air!
  • What publicity is proposed
  • Whether there are any partners in the project.
  • What the need for the event and funding is – is it part of a bigger programme or celebration, would it not happen if we did not fund it
  • How innovative it is (see above)

When will the money be paid?

When the event (s) has occurred, unless a clear cash flow case is made that the event could not happen unless we had paid.

Are there any requirements of the grant not covered above?

All publicity and awareness raising must acknowledge Friends of the Lake District as funders.

We also require a short report on what you did, when, costs, numbers attending, who attended, where they came from, what was good and bad about the event, and if there is a legacy from the event.

Click here for detailed application guidance (pdf)

Click here to download a grant application form (Word document)

If you are interested in applying for a Discover Cumbria grant or require more information, please contact Jan Darrall at [email protected] or call on 01539 720788.