Update 5th May 2023

We were pleased to learn that on 4th May, the Lake District National Park Authority’s Development Control Committee refused plans for the redevelopment of Brandlehow Cottage on the shores of Derwentwater. They agreed with the officer’s recommendation that the proposal should be refused on grounds of landscape and heritage impacts as well as insufficient information to determine the impact of potential contamination from the former mine workings on Derwentwater itself, which is a Special Area of Conservation. This reflects the concerns raised by us and by around 300 other objectors to the proposal.

Investigations into the heritage impacts found that not only is the cottage the only remaining roofed building connected to the Brandelhow mine it may be the only building left linked to one of the Elizabethan mineral mines in the Lake District. 

19th December 2022

We have now submitted our response to this application. Read it here>

November 2022

Proposals have been submitted to the Lake District National Park Authority for the redevelopment of Brandlehow Cottage on the south western shores of Derwentwater, near Catbells (pictured).

The plans would see the existing traditional property demolished and replaced with a very different and larger structure. The site is very close to a popular public footpath and many people have already objected to the plans, concerned about the loss of the historic property itself but also impacts on views and the character of the area, access, wildlife, the mining heritage and the implications for the popular ‘Teddy in the Window’ nearby.

We will be objecting to this application. You can view the plans by searching for reference 7/2022/2263 on the Lake District National Park's planning webpage.

We've provided a short guide on where to view current planning applications and how to comment in order to have your views heard. Read it here>

It’s always best to respond in your own words, rather than following a template or signing a copied letter. You do not need to be a local resident to comment.

If you are objecting to a proposal, it is important to explain why you think the proposal conflicts with the relevant local planning policies, as it is compliance or otherwise with these that will determine the Lake District National Park Authority’s decision. The policies most relevant to this case are policies 01, 02 (including the final sentence), 04, 05, 06, 07, 24. We also think there is a case for policy 26 also applying. You can find the Lake District local plan policies here>

You may wish to comment on:

  • Impact on landscape character
  • The design of the proposals and how this relates to local character
  • Impact on views, including views from the lake, and the visual amenity of people using the area recreationally
  • Impact on Rights of Way and their users
  • Impact on the experience of the area and the ‘sense of place’
  • Impact on the reasons for which the Lake District was designated a World Heritage Site (the attributes of Outstanding Universal Value – OUVs)
  • Impact on the heritage of the area
  • Impact on wildlife and the lake

You do not need to comment on every aspect – focus on the aspect(s) most important to you.

Submitting A Response

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Email Subject text: Response to planning application 7/2022/2263 Demolition and replacement of existing dilapidated cottage with a replacement house 
  • Email Body text: If you are objecting to this planning proposal, begin the body of your submission with: I/we object to the plans to demolish and replace Brandlehow Cottage’. Follow this with a summary of your objections written in your own words. 

We’ve been on a site visit to walk the area around Brandlehow Cottage and were delighted to share the walk with Kerry, Paddy and Harry of ‘Max Out in the Lake District’! Kerry recorded our visit so do follow the link to see the site and to listen to the conversation we had about this proposal. Watch below or via Facebook (links to external website)>