Amy Bray is a young conservationist, who founded environmental charity Another Way in 2019 at 17 ( She has delivered talks and awareness sessions to thousands of schoolchildren and adults in Cumbria and beyond, inspiring them to make behavioural changes and pledges to protect and enhance our local and global environment.

Her work in the local community and beyond has helped many schools, businesses and individuals work together to transition to more sustainable lifestyles and has the support of well-known experts and celebrities. Her current projects include zero-waste shop Another Weigh, community tree-planting, education programme Devotion to Ocean and working with local schools. The launch of Another Way saw over 600 people climb the Wainwright fells to take a stand for our planet and to celebrate all the conservation efforts taking place in Cumbria.

Amy is also Ambassador for DEFRA’s Year of Plant Health 2020, part of the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization initiative, with a campaign to raise awareness of how, by protecting plant health, we are protecting the benefits plants provide to all of us, to wildlife, the environment and economy.

My passion for conservation was kindled in the fells and becks of the Lake District. There is nowhere on earth quite as unique and special as this National Park, nowhere I feel so connected to the nature that we share our planet with. I am honoured to be able to support the work of Friends of the Lake District to protect and enhance this precious landscape and home, which will become so critical in a future where humanity’s relationship to Earth is in balance.