The Great Cumbrian Litter Pick

Be a Friend of the Lake District...
Help C.A.R.E. for it whilst you’re here, and when you’re not

We can all play our part in helping to C.A.R.E. for the countryside when we visit by following some simple rules. 


Cars and Campers – Park considerately and pitch appropriately 

  • Don’t park across gates, on verges or in a way that could obstruct emergency vehicles. The Lake District National Park has live information on car park status across the Park. 
  • If you’re coming to Cumbria in a Campervan or Motorhome follow the Vanlife Guide: The Cumbria Motorcaravanner’s Code 
  • Let’s talk tents. Much of the land in the Lake District and Cumbria is privately owned. You can’t just turn up and pitch your tent. Imagine someone doing that in your back garden. Book into an approved campsite. 
  • The Lake District National Park has lots of great information for campers and campervanners. 


Animals – Keep your dog on a lead around livestock especially during spring lambing time and to avoid disturbing birds nesting at ground level between 1st March and 31st July 


Rubbish – Bag it and bin it. Or better still, take it home.

  • In quieter, remoter parts of Cumbria there are often no bins so remember to leave no trace. There is no-one paid to clear up discarded litter left in the countryside. 
  • Litter is dangerous, a health hazard and can kill wildlife and livestock. And it looks plain ugly! 
  • Light no fires or BBQs, and be careful with cigarette ends and matches. Fires can start and spread easily. Only have campfires if you’re staying on a campsite that allows them. 


Engage – The Lake District and Cumbria are living, working communities and landscapes. 

  • Be kind and considerate to everyone you meet. You’ll be sure to get a warm, Cumbrian welcome. 
  • Put something back into the local economy by buying local and eating and drinking locally. Cumbria has some of the most outstanding local foods and drink. Think sticky toffee pudding, Cumberland sausage, damson gin and Grasmere gingerbread. Yum! 
  • Become a member of Friends of the Lake District to add your voice to our action looking after the Lake District and Cumbria. 

Safer Lakes 

The Lake District National Park’s Safer Lakes information enables you to plan and enjoy your visit safely by: 

  • Providing live updates on the status of car parks around the National Park allowing you to check how busy different areas and attractions are around the Park. 

The Countryside Code

Respect. Protect. Enjoy. 

The government has recently updated The Countryside Code; a guide to enjoying parks and waterways, coast and countryside. 

Downloadable information and a leaflet are available for both visitors and land managers.