Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership

The Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership Scheme aims to unlock and reveal the hidden heritage of the Westmorland Dales, enabling more people to connect with, enjoy and benefit from this inspirational landscape. Thanks to National Lottery players it has been supported by a grant from the Heritage Fund

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One of the highlights of our year has been the Westmorland Dales Landscape Forum, held at the High Chapel Community and Heritage Centre in Ravenstonedale last Saturday, April 23rd.

It comprised a series of talks in the morning, a splendid lunch and then three walk options in the afternoon. The aim was very much in line with our overall aim to reveal the hidden heritage of the Westmorland Dales, and what we are doing to conserve and look after it, with a particular focus on Ravenstonedale (or should it be Russendal).  

The keynote presentation in the morning was from Dr David Johnson, who is leading our dry stone wall survey in Asby, on “Walls in the Westmorland Landscape”. This was complemented by those on village history, rocks, meadows, rivers, heritage features, access and the work our apprentice team do to help conserve them all.

The afternoon walks include one with the local history group around the village, another a little further afield looking at geology and scenery, and one along the Scandal Beck to Bowber Head, getting an insight into some of the river restoration work planned by our partners the Eden Rivers Trust and Cumbria Wildlife Trust. In all over 60 attended, learning about the area’s heritage, getting a bit of exercise and just enjoying each other’s company.