Cumbria Wildlife Trust delivered a scything workshop at Piper Hole Farm in Ravenstonedale earlier this week. 

The workshop was held as part of a project under the Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership Scheme with the aim of conserving species-rich grasslands within the Westmorland Dales scheme area and to increase peoples appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of this habitat.

Nine people attended on the day, receiving expert tuition on the practical use of the scythe as well as advice on land management. The day was led by tutor Andrew Walter, a Reserves Officer for Cumbria Wildlife Trust for the last 25 years, managing the Trusts eastern suite of reserves. The course covered: 

  • Exploring a range of scythes and their differences
  • Features of the Austrian scythe
  • How to set up the scythe to your size & adjust the blade
  • Sharpening the blade including peening and the use of sharpening stones
  • The correct method for cutting vegetation for the body and for the scythe
  • Care & maintenance
  • Land management advice