Write to National Grid

Respond to their consultation by 6th January 2017 at the latest and urge them to put their cables underground rather than putting pylons only metres outside of the Lake District boundary.

Our 'Write to Grid' page gives you the facility to compose a letter to Robert Powell at National Grid. You can help us to raise the profile of this campaign even further by opting to send your letter to Greg Clark (Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) and Lord Gardiner of Kimble (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

By sending individual letters we can ensure that every one of our supporters voices is heard.


Donate to the campaign

Working to secure the right route and avoid damage to the Lake District costs money - please support us with a donation to help make this campaign work. Type 'No to Pylons' in the comment section of the donation form and we will allocate your donation to our 'Say No to Pylons in the Lake District' campaign fund.

Support a local action group

There are a number of action groups setup along the western coast of Cumbria in the areas under threat from the pylons. We would urge any residents in these areas to get in touch with their local group via 'Power Without Pylons' who are leading the efforts to mobilise local people in the fight to get these connections put underground.