In October 2016, following our previous highly successful pylon campaign and appeal, we celebrated the news that National Grid had abandoned plans to erect 24km of 50 metre high pylons through the Lake District National Park and had instead opted to underground them. Whats more, National Grid committed to removing the existing smaller power lines, leaving no pylons at all in this part of the Lake District; a long term enhancement for the stunning landscapes of the western Lake District and a victory for our members and supporters!

(Photo montage showing size of existing pylons compared to new proposed pylons. Image credit: Power without Pylons)

However, our work continues. We need your support as we put pressure on National Grid to protect the setting as well as the National Park itself. 20km (13 miles) of pylons are still planned just outside the National Park boundary, which if they go ahead will cause irreversible  damage to the views and setting of the Lake District landscapes that we all love. With your help, we are seeking to persuade National Grid to select an alternative route, either taking the cables under sea, through a tunnel or undergrounding them.

Running large-scale campaigns such as this to influence such huge developments costs significant resources. Please support this campaign by making a donation towards our work.  We have already shown that we can influence National Grid's decision-making process by putting resources into lobbying and campaigning as they changed their minds on pylons within the Lake District boundary.  Please donate to help us make sure that pylons don't blight the Duddon Estuary and the Whicham Valley, all integral parts of the Lake District landscape.

Thank you!