Discover how the magic of woods can bring you health and happiness, deep peace and restoration, on a Forest Bathing adventure amongst the wonderful woodlands of the Lake District National Park.

The practice of Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku – Japanese for “forest” and “bath”) using all of our senses: sight, touch, sound, smell, taste, emerged in Japan in the 1980s. As humans we are instinctively drawn to woodlands: the tranquil, quiet atmosphere, infused with sweet birdsong;  the beautiful, green scenery and fresh, woodland air; the sense of calm, peace and restoration that envelops you.

Until the early 2000s there was little scientific research to evaluate the therapeutic benefits to our physical and mental health of spending time amongst the trees. But the results of academic research have proved to be hugely impressive.

As well as practising the art of Forest Bathing on this 3 hour session, immersed, transported and relaxed in the magical woodlands, we’ll give you the tools to take Forest Bathing nature connectedness back into your daily lives and we’ll discuss the incredible impacts for your health: increased immunity, lowered blood pressure, reduced stress and anxiety, improved moods, better sleep and more happiness.

We’ll end the adventure enjoying a forest brew together (our take on the traditional tea ceremony!)


Mike's Wood, Staveley, South Lake District – Created and owned by landscape charity Friends of the Lake District, this magical woodland is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. £5 from every booking goes towards supporting their conservation work.