Today, Friends of the Lake District launches its Landscape Charter: 'Why Landscape Matters' describing how the landscape supports everyone in so many parts of our lives, and setting out the steps that the charity will take to ensure a living, working, wildlife-friendly, culturally rich, resilient and sustainable landscape.

Friends of the Lake District, the charity and membership organisation, has an impressive track record over 83 years of caring for the beauty, rich wildlife and historic heritage of Cumbria and  ensuring that its landscapes are passed on to future generations in as good or better condition than they are now.  Another part of their work is to encourage locals and visitors to appreciate the magnificent landscapes of this very special place.

Douglas Chalmers, Chief Executive of Friends of the Lake District said:

“”Why Landscape Matters” isn’t a question, it’s a statement. When you live in or visit Cumbria and the Lake District it’s easy to have all your other senses swamped by the spectacular views.  This is hardly surprising, as we are surrounded by some of the most stunning landscapes in the world.

“But in reality, landscape is more than just a view. It is the setting we all live in, it surrounds us, and we can not only see it, but touch, smell, hear and taste it.  It is our life support system. We depend on it for our physical essentials such as food, water and clean air for our bodies and it also keeps us healthy in mind and spirit.

“Our Landscape Charter describes why landscape matters to everyone, whether you’re drinking clean water in Manchester, feeling your spirits soar on a visit to the countryside or reliving memories of a special trip many years ago.  Our landscapes face a whole raft of new and urgent threats, including how to support land managers post-Brexit, climate change and inappropriate development. So we set out Friends of the Lake District’s commitment to protect and enhance the special landscapes of Cumbria and the Lake District for us all.

“The launch of our Landscape Charter is being celebrated by our Great Landscapes Week festival which runs from 2 to 9 September. During Great Landscapes Week, we are inviting people to join us at events or use social media to learn more about landscape. Find out what is going on and how you can join in on

“Already people have done so and have been sharing their thoughts and feelings, their memories and special moments. They already know that landscape matters”.

View the Landscape charter page and see the Landscape Charter here (pdf).