This week we started to welcome back visitors to the Lake District who have not been able to enjoy its beauty for some time. If you are close enough to be able to visit on a day trip then I hope your soul was refreshed by the landscape and everything that adds to our well being. There will also be some communities within the Lake District that feel a little anxious about the predicted number of people and accompanying traffic and wonder what the next few weeks will bring. The new Countryside Code has been released and we’ve come up with our own practical tips, below. But the fundamentals remain the same – respect the place, respect the people, and please - enjoy yourself.

It's great to have you back! Here's some tips to make your visit as kind to the Lake District as possible.

  • Plan ahead and book where you can.

You can find campsites and up to date car park info on the National Park's website.

  • Make as little impact with your travel as you can.

Buses are now running regularly, including an open top bus, and you can find all the information you need on Stagecoach's website. If you have to drive, please be considerate when and where you leave your car – someone lives and works there.

  • Keep your dog on a lead.

It's not just sheep and lambs that can be harmed by dogs, some birds nest at ground level.

  • Leave no litter – it is dangerous, a health hazard and can kill wildlife and livestock.

Take a bag out walking with you to put your own litter in and if you are come across litter you could even do your own mini litter pick! If you can, please take your litter home.

  • Light no fires or BBQs, and be careful with cigarette ends and matches.

Fires can start and spread easily, only have campfires if on a campsite that allows them.

  • Respect each other’s space – social distancing still applies

Most of all, enjoy this special place, and leave it as you would like to find it when you return.

Read the Countryside Code leaflet here

Read the Countryside Code advice for countryside visitors in more detail here:

Please follow the latest Government guidelines on travel and restrictions.