The LDNPA will consider the Local Plan for adoption on 19th May 2021, taking into account the Inspectors’ report. If the LDNPA adopt the Plan it will supersede all current local plan documents for the Park, including the 2016 extension areas (which are currently still covered by SLDC/Eden planning policy).

The Inspectors’ report  on the new LDNPA Local Plan has now been received. The Inspectors consider the Plan to be ‘sound’, and have recommended it for adoption subject to certain modifications being incorporated into the document. Whilst not all changes we would have liked to see are proposed to be included, we are pleased that the Inspectors’ report upholds many of the positive changes that we helped to secure, including adding a policy on major development; strengthening the requirement for landscape impact assessments; reducing the size of the Sheepdog Field housing site at Keswick and another site at Bootle; adding a definition of tranquillity and referring to avoiding light pollution first rather than just minimising it.

We are also pleased to see that the Inspectors have included some of the additional changes we sought during the most recent consultation, including detailed wording regarding the implementation of the major development policy and the definition of biodiversity net gain. These points appear minor but could be very important in specific planning cases.

We are disappointed however to see that the Inspectors  have not put forward some of our suggested changes such as:

  • strengthening the reference to protecting tranquillity by removing the words ‘where appropriate’;
  • a requirement for a proportionate landscape impact assessment to be included in all planning applications as set out in recently adopted plans for other protected landscapes;
  • reinstating references to Green Infrastructure – these have all been replaced with ‘Local Green Space’, despite our objections and those of Natural England;
  • deleting some sites or reducing them in size.

Overall, we are very happy with the changes that we have helped to secure in the Plan, several of which the Inspectors stated the Plan would have been ‘unsound’ without. Thank you to everyone who has helped us achieve this.

You can find the Inspectors’ report and  associated documents on the LDNPA website: