Rerouting Expectations Conference Presentations and Summary Document

The ‘Rerouting Expectations: Future transport options in the Lake District’ conference on 12th November 2019 brought together people from national parks and AONBs around the country, Cumbrian businesses and councillors, transport researchers, travel companies and sustainable travel campaigners.

On this page, you can find a summary of the conference presentations and discussions, the Powerpoint slides and a number of videos of speakers. 

Summary Document Agenda
Summary examining transport issues within the Lake District National Park and possible future transport options. Transport conference timetable of events, speaker information and conference agenda.

Session One Presentations

All Change?

How people are choosing to travel is changing. How does this translate to new opportunities for traffic reduction?

Jillian Anable
Powerpoint / Video
Beth Hiblin

Conference welcome and introduction.

How is the way people travel changing? What does this mean for future transport provision?

Translating ambitions and principles to pragmatic delivery: what have we learnt from England’s national park LSTF programmes?

Douglas Chalmers, Chief Executive, Friends of the Lake District.

Jillian Anable, Professor of Transport and Energy, Institute for Transport Studies, Leeds.

Beth Hiblin Smarter Choice Consultancy.

Session Two Presentations

Consensus or Difference?

There is a wide variety of needs and perspectives around transport and access issues in the Lake District.

Emma Moody
Julian Whittle
Robert McCracken
Speaker Notes / Video

Working together for a sustainable Lake District.

Transport in the Lake District -what businesses really think.

An introduction to road usage charging and national parks.

Emma Moody, Lead Strategy Adviser, Recreation and Sustainable Transport, Lake District National Park Authority.

Julian Whittle, Cumbria Chamber of Commerce.

Robert McCracken QC.

Session Three Presentations

Wow, look at that!

Many of us have either experienced or are aware of places where accessing and getting around just seems to work really well; often where ‘car irrelevance’ is part of the experience.

Ruth Bradshaw
Karmen Mentil
Powerpoint / Video
Tom Burditt

Improving car-free travel in National Parks: Examples from a review of the evidence

Werfenweng & the Alpine Pearls: High quality access for all car free

Managing the valleys: A case study of Seathwaite, and beyond…

Ruth Bradshaw Campaign for National Parks.

Karmen Mentil Director, Alpine Pearls programme.

Tom Burditt, National Trust.