We have received confirmation that Treetop Trek has withdrawn its ‘Thirlmere Activity Hub’ planning application. It will no longer be considered by the planning authority.

Friends of the Lake District has campaigned against the proposals for an activity hub at Thirlmere on the fundamental point that the location was inappropriate for this type of development given the detrimental and destructive impacts to the landscape character and tranquillity of the Thirlmere Valley.

National Parks rightly have the highest level of landscape protection through the National Planning Policy Framework and this proposal flew in the face of the purposes of National Parks. These special landscapes are the breathing spaces of our country, an opportunity for all to enjoy their unique qualities and restorative benefits for free and regardless of age.

That is why we believe the Treetop Trek proposal was entirely inappropriate and would deprive future generations the opportunity to enjoy the Lake District National Park. It’s a national park that Friends of the Lake District campaigned for, and one which we continue to fight for. We remain dedicated to protecting, enhancing and, when called upon, defending the landscapes of the Lake District from threat.

We welcome the Ministry of Defence’s decision to object to this proposal and the subsequent withdrawal of the application by Treetop Trek.

The same is true of the objection by Cumbria County Council Highways on public safety grounds. These are all issues we considered to be insurmountable by the applicant but, as it is outside our remit as a landscape organisation, we did not object on these grounds. Our role is to highlight the importance of National Parks, the multi-faceted benefits we all gain, and the protection they have from inappropriate development.

The withdrawal of this application due to technical reasons is of course positive, but we would also acknowledge the many people who felt compelled to write to the Planning Authority to urge them to refuse this application because of the detrimental landscape impacts to the Lake District National Park and World Heritage Site.