Seventeen hardy hedge-layers competed under a canopy of grey sky until the sunshine came out in the late afternoon to reveal magnificent snow-capped fells at the Friends of the Lake District’s Annual Hedge Laying Competition on Saturday 20th January.

Ruth Kirk, Friends of the Lake District competition organiser said,

The rural skill of hedge-laying is very much alive and well and this event brings together some of the most skilled and experienced hedge-layers with novices who are looking to learn and improve their technique. A well laid hedge regenerates new growth providing a wonderful haven for wildlife, including declining birds as well as making the field stock proof for the farmer.

The event, held near Gateside Farm, Burneside was part of the Lancashire & Westmorland Hedge Laying Association Grand Prix series bringing together novices, juniors and professionals to show off their skills and lay 100m of hedge between them.

After competing in 4 different classes, the winners were chosen by the judges, local farmers Trevor Sharp and David Galbraith.

Pictured from left to right: Aidan Handley NOVICE class winner, James Yates-Bell JUNIOR class winner, Andrew Kirkwood CHAMPIONSHIP Class & OVERALL winner from Endmoor and John Handley OPEN class winner.

You can view a full gallery of images from the day on our Facebook page at this link:

The full results were as follows:

OVERALL WINNER          Andrew Kirkwood from Endmoor, Kendal

MOST IMPROVED            James Yates-Bell

SAMURAI SAW PRIZE     Aiden Handley


1st         Andrew Kirkwood

2nd        Peter Gibson

3rd         Jasper Patchek

OPEN Class        

1st          John Handley

2nd        John Gibson

3rd         William Bell

NOVICE Class    

1st          Aidan Handley

2nd        Danny Hodgson

JUNIOR Class    

1st          James Yates-Bell

2nd        James Dodgson

3rd         Jake Dixon