18th June 2015
National Grid’s selected route could cause major damage to the Lake District

Yesterday, National Grid announced that it would be proceeding with the Onshore South with Tunnel route to carry electricity south from the new proposed nuclear power station at Moorside.  

As a membership organisation dedicated to the protection of Cumbria’s landscapes, we think that National Grid’s choice of route for North West Coast Connections is wrong for the Lake District and could cause major damage to the National Park’s amazing landscapes because it could involve building 50m tall pylons across south west Cumbria.   

The proposal includes 20km (12.5 miles) of new overhead lines within the Lake District National Park, and another 24km (15 miles) of lines and pylons running next to the National Park. 

Policy Officer Kate Willshaw; 

“We are obviously deeply disappointed by the choice of Onshore South with Tunnel over the offshore route, especially as the majority of the 1200 consultation responses received supported the offshore option.   

“National Grid’s own environmental study supported taking the cables offshore to avoid the Lake District as their chosen route runs through or close to the National Park for 27 miles. 

“It is vital that National Grid engage with local communities and the many organisations that live, work and care for these great landscapes to discuss how to mitigate the damage their proposals could cause. We know our 10,000 members and supporters feel very strongly about a new pylon line damaging the National Park. National Grid's own consultation demonstrated the strength of public opinion - the majority of the 1200 respondents wanted to see the route go offshore and avoid these sensitive landscapes altogether. “