The ’Foundation for Common Land’ is developing a national project to protect common land on behalf of a broad partnership of organisations including Friends of the Lake District. Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, ’Our Common Cause’ will be telling the story behind commons. Local people and visitors will discover that while commons appear wild uninhabited landscapes of inspirational value to walkers, they are also managed by commoners with ancient rights of common. You may not see the commoners themselves very often, but you can’t miss their sheep and occasionally ponies and cattle.

Here in the Lake District the ’Foundation for Common land’ is supporting the owners and commoners on three commons, Bampton, Derwent and Kinniside. Together, they are looking at ways to better manage these commons to safeguard their history, cultural heritage of the commoners and the wildlife that depend on them. It will also be helping people to discover, understand and enjoy commons, as everyone has the right to walk on them.

We need your feedback to ensure that the next stage of the project is informed by as wide a group of people as possible.  We would be really grateful if you could spare 10 minutes to complete the following online survey. Please feel free to circulate the link to others. Many thanks!