We’re delighted to see that many of the proposals contained in the Glover Review enshrine recommendations made in our response to this consultation. We’re also encouraged to see a focus on getting the most out of our National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs).

Our recommendations:

  • Create a National Landscapes Service
  • Provide opportunities for all children to visit a designated landscape
  • Designate more open access land
  • Implement a better designation process

A National Landscapes Service

Glover Review Proposal 1: National landscapes should have a renewed mission to recover and enhance nature, and be supported and held to account for delivery by a new National Landscapes Service

In our recommendations to the Glover Review, we called for a strong central co-ordination body to:

  • Provide strategic direction for designated landscapes
  • Ensure consistency and accountability in their management
  • Champion designated landscapes at government level

A Night Under the Stars

Glover Review Proposal 8: A night under the stars in a national landscape for every child

In our recommendations to the Review, we asked for it to consider the potential for introducing designated landscapes into national curriculum and providing opportunities for all children to visit a designated landscape.

More Open Access Land

Glover Review Proposal 16: Consider expanding open access rights in national landscapes

In our recommendations to the Review, we called for it to consider designating more open access land.

A Better Designation Process

Glover Review Proposal 22: A better designations process

We suggested that the process of designation to be based only on whether a landscape meets the criteria of section 5 of the National Parks Act. Pubic Inquiries should only proceed on Section 5 criteria. The Review should consider a simplified designation process.

We’ll be reviewing the full text of the Glover Review and assessing its full implications over the coming weeks and providing a more detailed response to members and supporters.