A lot of people dream about a break in the Lake District, it is a spectacular venue after all. 19 million visitors in 2018 made that dream a reality, demonstrating its enduring appeal but just what is it about this national park that motivates so many to make the journey?

Millions of memories, adventures, experiences and selfies hold the answer and this week, we've launched an ambitious appeal for people to share their stories to find out just what it is about this glorious landscape that so many people are drawn to.

Douglas Chalmers, Chief Executive,

“We launched the 'Save Our Lake District' campaign in 2020 because we believe that the Lake District is a spectacular place. We also think that people choose to come here in ever increasing numbers because of its beauty, free access to wilderness and nature, and the precious opportunity it grants for people to connect with nature and the landscape.

“As a landscape charity, we think that the remarkable scenery of the Lake District, its wildlife and cultural heritage all combine to create this appeal but that we need to be vigilant in order to sustain and enhance this precious place.

“Our membership of 7,000 people tell us a similar story but we’d like to hear from visitors, from those dreaming of lakes, of crags and fells, escape and adventure just what it is that makes them think ‘I want to be in the Lake District!’

We're inviting everybody to submit images and thoughts on why the Lake District inspires such an emotional and enduring appeal.

Submit your messages here and add your voice to our message wall!