Our volunteers have this week finished an 8 year long rebuild of a drystone wall on The Helm above Oxenholme near Kendal.

The wall along the top of The Helm was built in about 1815 to separate Natland and Stainton commons. After 200 years it was showing its age and beginning to crumble.

Our intervention and the efforts of our tireless volunteers has proved vital in ensuring that the boundary is in shape to see out another 200 years.

If you’re out walking on The Helm, it’s well worth taking a moment to stop and appreciate the effort involved in repairing this iconic feature and the improvement in access afforded by new gates which have been put through the wall.

Policy officer and The Helm property manager Alison Lax said:

”When we bought our part of The Helm in 2007 many of the drystone walls were in a poor state of repair.  Our army of volunteers have worked tirelessly over the years to put this right with a major span of wall now been completely rebuilt with the last stone placed just last week. 

“It’s been a monumental task, and we’re incredibly proud of what the volunteers have achieved. Their efforts enable us to continue to improve our land and the way in which it is managed for the benefit of everyone. “

Work continues to rebuild further sections of wall on our property. We have plenty of volunteering opportunities at events and work party days throughout 2016. You can find out more on our volunteering pages:


Alternatively, email [email protected]  or call 01539 720788 and ask about volunteering opportunities.