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Welcome to our latest update. Since our last email, our Dark Skies Festival has finished, with lots of people attending events in person across the county, with nocturnal wildlife and nature experiences proving especially popular. You can read about it and see photos below. We're now preparing for our next Dark Skies festival in February, which will be a mix of online and in person events. And our Dark Skies project has inspired an art trail and campaign in Chorlton about light pollution, see more below.

National Tree Week begins tomorrow and trees are a theme this week - we've been busy tree planting out at High Borrowdale this week, the Westmorland Dales apprentices have been visiting Rusland Woods to learn about woodland management issues there, and you can hear an inspiring talk about how a group of village residents in Crosby Ravensworth formed a Parish Tree Group and set about surveying the elderly trees left in their parish, and fundraising and persuading farmers and landowners to let them plant new trees on their land.

And if you want to do something you could always buy a tree gift, and help us plant the woodlands of the future.

With very best wishes,

Douglas Chalmers, Chief Executive

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Header image: Hawkshead by Robert Akester. 

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