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Happy New Year everyone!

Monday 9th January saw the start of our new year 2023 workparty season. This year we have planned a whopping 36 events, about one a week apart from school holidays. There is something for everyone both location wise, from Threlkeld to Kendal, Eskdale to Asby. There is something for everyone task wise: tree planting and maintenance, walling, coppicing, path clearance, juniper planting, and various fix it jobs.

We welcome young and old, individuals and groups, those with existing skills and those with none! All our 2023 dates and locations are on our website, and you can book onto them about six weeks in advance. Come and join us anytime if you just want a day outside, to learn new skills, help enhance the landscape and nature, or just make new friends. 

Monday was fantastic for two reasons. First, and contrary to the doom rain laden weather forecast, it did not rain all morning and in fact we had some sun! The rain has been relentless over the last month and sometimes it can feel as if it is really driving you crazy, seeping into the brain and becoming claustrophobic.

It was such a relief to not be soaking wet, not have the hood up so we could chat, see freely and feel the sun and wind on our faces, and to have some light in the sky showing up the huge vistas and views across Little Asby and the micro detail of the many fossils in the wall we were rebuilding.

So the mood was light hearted and even a bit skittish and that was the second fantastic thing – we had cancelled our December workparty due to the freezing weather, so it seemed ages since we had had a catch up, and it was great to be back with old friends and indeed welcome two new volunteers who we hope we will see again in future. The rain did get us in the end, but at least we had a lovely morning! 

Next week we are back to tree planting at High Borrowdale. This is our last season of planting down there, so if you want to help, you need to hurry up and join us in the next two or three months before the trees run out! You can book here>