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It was a full house up at Sweden Wood in Ambleside for our work party on wed, with ten of us. We have a really great mix of people from those starting new careers to those recently retired, and people who worked for the NHS, a freelance outdoor instructor and leader, and those who now have more time to enjoy themselves by helping us out!

The sun shone over us and down the Vale of Rydal but wow were the midges and horseflies out…

We had put out a call for expert wallers to help put up a big gap on the boundary, and that was some big wall. It was so high that when it came to putting the top courses and cams or top stones on, those people on the inside could not reach up high enough to get the stones on!!

Whilst the wall rebuild was ongoing, we had our trusty strimmer out again. Some of you may have noticed our new property signs going up on our land. For the first time ever, we have one at Sweden inviting people to come in. But it can be person height bracken and with big drops off the walls, we wanted to strim off a path and waymark it round.

Most people set off for a walk up the Scandale track with a rucksack, we had that plus a strimmer and sledge hammer!! Our work paid off within a few hours when a couple on holiday doing the Sweden Bridge round felt able to come in and have a look around which was great to see.

Next job was like going into the rain forest to clear out undergrowth and trees which are growing into or onto the haha walls but at least we were accompanied by beautiful bird song from the chiffchaffs and blackcaps.

That is about it now for the woodlands for the summer, apart from Dam Mire at Threlkeld next week, as the bracken and bramble growth just gets too big for us to get in. 

Looking ahead, we have Dam Mire Wood at Threlkeld next week BOOK here>

And we still have space on our moths and butterflied ID training day on wed 14th at the Helm. BOOK here> 

Anyone and everyone are very welcome to join us, no skills or equipment needed 😊