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Greenbank Wood in Ambleside is the smallest piece of land we own, being only 0.7ha, but together with nearby Sweden Wood is the most central in the Lake District.

Despite its small size it is an interesting wood, with records showing trees here as far back as 1878 and a survey by tree expert and Friends of the Lake District member Luke Steer identified a number of veteran trees, some as old as perhaps 200 years.

It was a damp and wet day, but our team of volunteers, led by our dedicated volunteer Jean ventured into the wood to do some maintenance work. With Covid we have not been in for a couple of years so there was a lot to do. The team cracked on and reported back an impressive list of tasks completed:

  • Boundaries were all checked to ensure they were stockproof
  • 3 bags of litter removed from the hedge and roadside verge opposite the University of Cumbria
  • Overhanging branches on the roadside lopped and regeneration cleared to let more light into the wood and remove invasive species

We have a day of rest now before the new challenge of hedge planting at High Borrowdale...