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With the meadows now cut, we thought we'd share some final images of the fields in full bloom following a site visit earlier this month. We were treated to a final flourish of colour under a setting sun as we walked the site to check on boundaries, the health of the trees and water levels...incredibly low following the hot spell with only a short hop required to cross a beck which can be fearsome in winter months.

We thought we'd share share some images taken on a warm evening as the sun began to set on the upland meadows of High Borrowdale for another year.

The meadows were glorious again this year and our volunteer plug planting days will no doubt have added to the colour and variety of the display. A check around the property saw everything in fine fettle. The water gates expertly installed under the bridge by our talented volunteers were in pretty good shape, a few tweaks needed to fill sheep shape gaps but still seemingly doing their job of stopping sheep finding their way under the bridge to seek out our tasty young trees at low water levels. 

Young trees planted along the beck edges seemed to be thriving in their more sheltered position and growth much more rapid for these saplings than those bearing the brunt of the high winds on steeper slopes on the site. 

Our new hedging, planted earlier in the year was also doing well, protected by double fencing from deer, sheep and all manner of creatures with a taste for young shoots. 

And so we left the tranquility of High Borrowdale under a fading sun to await the return of spring and splendour in 2023.