Land Manager's Diary: Read it here>

Children are brought up with imaginary and secret friends who appear at all times and day and night such as the Borrowers who come out at night and borrow things, and the Tooth Fairies who come and leave money for teeth! On the Helm we have our Hole in the Wall Gang who come and fix holes in the wall that seem to happen with amazing regularity… not that we are blaming the ponies and cows for rubbing their bottoms against the wall… much… !

Volunteer Jean does an amazing job of keeping a close eye on the walls and the minute she spots an issue an emergency call goes out to the Hole in the Wall Gang to get the issues fixed so that we can keep the cows and ponies from escaping! On tues Jean was joined by Harry and Steve for another quick fix, but unlike the Borrowers and Tooth Fairy, they did it in the day! We would be stuck without them.

On wed we had a Helm workparty. We tackled a variety of jobs which included fettling the tree planters (ponies and cows rubbing causes the posts to loosen), moving and sorting stone for the walling, path clearance, thistle digging and some tree tube tidying up! Lots of small jobs but ones that make a big difference to how the land looks and functions and its enjoyment by everyone. Great to have new vols Barbara and Michael with us too. We were also joined by the cows for lunch… they had a few licks of the tools but alas did not fancy eating the thistles that we had dug up….maybe next time! 

The next workparty is at the beautiful Hows Wood in Eskdale on wed. We will also have Pete the tree surgeon out with us clearing the storm damage from earlier in the year. 

Everyone is welcome to join us on workparties. Workparty dates and booking information>

Our minds are now turning fully to the opening of Dam Mire Wood on Friday 29th April. The weather will hopefully stay fine and we hope to see lots of members and make many new friends. We would love to see as many people as possible so do pop along if you are anywhere around. More information about the Dam Mire Wood Grand Opening Event>